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Monica Stevenson Photography

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This site is built using a premium Wordpress theme, and includes a WooCommerce store.  The client had started this site with another developer, who after a year and a half had still not delivered a finished site.  Working with Entrigue Consulting, we took over the project, did an overhaul of the design elements to improve visual appeal, simplified a number of unnecessarily complicated technical elements, and completed the site in under 2 months.  

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The assignment - create a platform for the client, a well-known commercial photographer, to showcase and sell her equine fine art photographs

The details - Use the Wordpress platform with a WooCommerce store. The client already has an established reputation for high quality photography, so the site needed to be beautiful and elegant.

Design elements

Versatile ECommerce Solution

Custom Fonts and Graphics

Unique "On the Wall" Page

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