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Lucia Rapalyea  Dressage

Web design and development for small business - equestrian

This client, another professional dressage rider and trainer, needed a total retooling of her business image. Her previous site​ had focused on her boarding and training facility, which she and her husband own and run.

Working together, we identified the importance of shifting focus to include the client as competitor.  The new site needed to continue to provide all the essential information about those services, and to feel approachable to parents of aspiring young riders, while shifting focus to the client's own impressive competitive credentials in order to attract sponsors.

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The project - Redesign the existing site and migrate from Wordpress to Wix so that the client could more easily do newsletter marketing. 

The details - Entrigue Consulting scheduled a photo shoot with a professional photographer to ensure there were enough high quality images with the right colors for branding, and also contracted for a new logo.  The site also highlights students and the uniqueness of the facility to engage prospective clients.

Design elements

Palette & Imagery

Facilities page

Integrated Newsletter & contact list

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