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Dressage Horse Source

Web design & development for small business - equestrian

Dressage is defined by the International Equestrian Federation as "the highest expression of horse training", and quality dressage horses commonly come with a six-figure price tag.  Dressage Horse Source works with clients to find their dream dressage partner in the very competitive Southern California market.  

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The project - Take an old Wix site the client had originally built for herself, and completely retool it to give it a current, high-end feel and improve the user experience.

The details - At the client's request, we used Wix because she already knew how to do basic maintenance. Palette and imagery was chosen to appeal to the target audience. Because dressage values the quality of movement above all else, we incorporated video throughout the site.  We created multiple "collections" so that prospective buyers could search by a number of different criteria, including price, age, training level and import status. 

Design elements

Palette & Imagery

Flexible search options

Informative Gallery

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