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Coaching Opportunities

Coaching Opportunities by Akaula Web Des

Life coaching is a growth industry.  For individuals seeking an edge in the increasingly ​challenging competitive environment, or struggling to manage conflicting work/home demands, life coaching can be the critical element for success.  The client here was a successful life coach looking to expand her client base.

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The project - Create a site that would appeal to individuals, corporations, and sports organizations. Use a platform that the client could easily maintain herself, and that offered both robust marketing tools and an easy-to-use blog. Keep the site simple - limit the number of pages, focus on driving business thru personal contacts.

The details - Use a Wix platform, which provides a fully integrated solution for marketing and blogging.  Design a simple three page site that can be expanded as the client adds marketing materials. Include a testimonial slider.

Design elements

Palette & Imagery

Easily updated blog

Testimonial slider

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