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Artists Serving Humanity

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Artists Serving Humanity is a non-profit that supports incarcerated ​artists who seek to make contributions to society - to give back - with donations generated by sale of their art.  The organization represents more than 150 artists, and building a site that showcases the art and makes it easy to purchase online was the goal.

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The project - This was a massive project, and a labor of love.  Artists Serving Humanity represents more than 150 incarcerated - and formerly incarcerated - artists.  The site was built to be easily maintained by the Executive Director or volunteers, to conserve the resources of the organization for its core mission.

The details - The heart of the site is the store, through which artwork can be sold, but which also highlights all the artists and provides a view into the vast variety of mediums and pieces available.

Design elements

Palette & Imagery

Visually appealing store page

Storytelling Blog

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