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Arias Whips

Web design & ecommerce for small equestrian businesses

Carlos Arias is a former jockey who raced all over the world.  After his retirement, he gained a reputation for making handcrafted, custom jockey whips.  Several years later, he expanded his business, and now crafts whips across the range of equestrian disciplines, from thoroughbred racing to 3-day eventing, jumping and dressage. The new website made it easier for him to sell his product - and his custom orders increased so much he had to hire help!

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The project - Before Carlos approached us, his marketing had all been word of mouth - and a facebook page.  He needed a site to showcase his work and an online store to make it easier for customers to order, so that he could focus on what he does best - making beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind equestrian whips.

The details - Carlos has crafted whips for the rider who won the Triple Crown in 2015, and for Olympic athletes. Images of his clients and of his products were the highlight of the site. Building a store where customers could easily take full advantage of the huge range of customization options was a top priority.

Design elements

Product options graphic w/ rollover

Order form

Imagery and design elements

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